Thursday, March 10, 2005

Thoughts on a busy day

Tiredness dictated this morning. Nevertheless I was able to make a good meal for us both, my wife and myself. The residue of yesterday took time to evaporate.

Let's hope tomorrow is more full of energy!

Who is saved? Light from St. Ambrose/

It was a joyful occasion yesterday to be back at my home church and officiating for the anointing and prayers for the sick and disabled.

How fortunate we are to have had almost two (Yes! Two!) thousand years of Christianity thereabouts.

Yet, today we remember St. John Ogilvie, betrayed and executed just for being a priest and doing his job. Lest we get too proud over this, - lacking sorrow for our forebears lack o four understanding!, yesterday I read of one Church which was proclaiming that only by joining it could you be saved. In the same magazine, St. Ambrose was quoted as declaring that God, in His love, saved all!

I guess I am on the side St. Ambrose!