Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Quiet Day in Camberley

Dear Readers,

First "Thank You" to Canon Jerome. I look forward to an ongoing and cheerful correspondence.

Today has been quiet. After two days of comfortable activity, which I associated with the return to GMT, my body was back to the old, subdued, routine coupled with an emergency trip to the dentist which - to my relief - solved a little problem speedily.

Elsewhere I'm working on the various websites as I shape out a wider ministry on the web and so forth. The link is to a site that I worked on and then withdrew in order to bring up to date, which it is more or less, so visit and enjoy.

The link is I hope right. If not I'll correct it when I work out the problem. The site is fairly trivial, just a little background for those who want to know ... and "No, I shall not call you 'nosey'"! You have a right to know after all, I suspect.

Until the next post,not necessarily tomorrow,

Yours ay,

Ted Baty