Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fair Play on the Bench of Bishops?

Hi Folks,

There is much speculation over the appoinment of the next Archbishop of Canterbury, the senior Bishop in the Church of England.

Whilst musing on this I was reminded of a curious anomaly in how the Church of England deals with its major appointments.

A few years ago it was made part of the deal over the ordination of women to the priesthood that views on this, whether for or against, should not be regarded as obstacles to any appointment in the Church.

The voting figures in the recent debates, at every level of the Church, indicate a steady opposition to this aspect of women's ministry and to the suggestion of there being women as bishops in the Church of England. The proportion of those opposed on conscientious grounds seems to have lelelled out between a quarter and a tird. This would indicate that the Church of England should have twelve diocesan Bishops of this persuasion.

We have hardly any!

Perhaps the next Archbishop will have the courage to enable this anomaly to be corrected, not only at diocesan level but in regard to archdeacons, suffragans, and cathedral appoinments

I live in hope of fair play, regardless of my personal opinion!

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