Monday, October 26, 2009

We Anglicans are needed!

Dear Reader,

As promised a comment from the newspaper.

Michael Gove, our MP, has joined the ranks of commentators on Benedict's offer of an Anglican-style "ordinariate". His remarks conclude with words worth recording (my italics):

"I'm rather bored with everyone assuming that the Anglican Communion must always be on the retreat, in decline, progressively losing more and more of its members to other, more assertive, denominations. Why shouldn't a Church that prizes gentleness, civility, consideration, openness, moderation in manner but wise certainty about the ultimate things, prosper and grow? This is an hour, in so many ways, when the Anglican genius for compromise without any dilution of decency or virtue has never been more needed." ("The Times" newspaper, 26th October 2009, p.24)

Of course he is right and, appropriately for a Shadow Cabinet Eduation spokesman, educates us further. In the the present debate I cannot abide the harsh voices on either wing, whether feminists, or ultra-montane Anglo-Catholics, nor any other "in-your-face" activist.

To their credit the PEVs have asked for quiet reflection in the matter, alhtough "quiet reflection" is often the last thing activists enter.

The call to reflect has to be for everyone, including those members of General Synod who chose to ignore the advice of their own Bishops over how to articulate love and tolerance for the minorities in the Church.

I rejoice in being an Anglican and have no wish for our Church and Communion to become," .. just a Protestant sect after all!", as a Roman Catholic friend commented on reading the 39 Articles. May the broad and tolerant Church of England prosper for "Many Years!"

Yours ay,
(more reflectively, I hope)

Fr Ted

Who Goes There?

Dear Reader,

Unlike the normal sentry, I haven't said "Halt!" I would like some, at any rate of my readers to comment or let me know who - if anyone - is reading the post. It would be nice to know who you all are.

Today the process of re-entry carries on. The computer is slow still, but is gradually more able to come to heel quickly. So to a quick comment as regards yesterday's posts.

My concern is, I guess, spiritual blindness. Interesting as this subject is I am no expert, but yesterday's readings were about blindness and this by implication. Many of my colleagues are saying publically how happy they will be to accept Pope Benedict XVI's offer and become Roman Catholics. The priests among them must be either blind to the implications, ill-read, or guiltly of hypocrisy ... none of which I believe to be true ... well, maybe one or two cases - but we are taught not to judge. If they accept, they accept a package which says that their ordinations are null and void and invalid completely. There are no "If's" and "Buts". That is the simple state of affairs.

So why haven't I read of resignations en masse from all these colleagues? Is it that they are merely playing at something and that the cross-over to Rome is a merely decorative matter in their opinion. What I mean is: now they are Anglicans playing at being Romans; then they will Romans playing at being Anglicans. In other words they under-estimate the hugeness of the step before hand.

Cheerfully and robustly as always my MP, Michael Gove, has written some useful words on the matter. These I leave to another post as this is long enough already!

Till then,

Yours ay,

Every blessing,

Ted Baty

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