Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Surprise! Surprise!

So "The Enforcer" has been chosen.

Benedict XVI is the former Cardinal Jospeh Ratzinger, friend of the late Pope, charming in persona, gentle in himself, kindly, helpful and supportive. Yow! It does not sound like the man the media portray as backward looking and over-conservative.

However, when I was wont to answer the question "Where are you Ted, theologically?" with the comment "Slightly to the right of Cardinal Ratzinger" maybe I knew more than I waa saying. Those who know him or have studied under him - we have seen many of them on the TV recently - say how helpful, and nice he is.

Surely a role model for any priest or believer. Keep the Faith. Love other people! Pray, Pray, Pray and rely on Jesus, Mary and the Holy Spirit to guide you. It seems that is what the new Pope does.

We should be very pleased indeed!

"God's Rotweiler" indeed! nevertheless, those who have known owners of Rotweilers will know that they make very good pets, are lovely to have around the house, but are extremely fierce guardians. Benedict XVI looks set to do the same for our Church, that Counter-Culture for the world, which is probably the only force which can save it from itself!