Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back in Circulation

A Long Lay-Off

It has been far too long since I last put up a post on the blog. Far too long and with loads and loads of things happening in the world, and in my personal life.

The steady on-going work of sorting out the house with its loft and so on goes on apace. Still the trips to the recycling centre and the charity shops carry on in endless fashion, it would seem.

I have been doing some very serious thinking, along with a not always co-operative set of bank managers, and feel that I am beginning to see light again for providing something good for the human race and its planet! Incidentally in respect to the bank managers, whatever happened to the friendly chaps and chappesses who sat behind their desks and helped us so much before telephone and internet banking? They don't seem to be around on the telephone any more, nor on the internet, merely well-meaning bankers hed-bound by rules and regulations which prevent them helping where it is hurting.

Bring in a Banking Revolution!

Sounds pompous but all it means is that I am beginning to get clear of all the work to be done in acting as the custodian of all that my late wife had given to the world around her, her friends, and family, and the Christian Church.

This post is a way of saying "Hello" again to those who read it, with a promise of "something better" to come.

My best wishes,

Fr. Ted