Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Novel Approach(es)

Dear Friends,

The first draft of the newest novel is now complete, to be set aside to marinate in the depths of my psyche, and gather some dust on the desk.

So I have to think of how to get things moving more effectively around the house. So while the brain leaves the new work to its unconscious workings, I shall be sorting out a variety of cupboards in the hope that it will make things easier come the winter weather.

In the meantime other weightier matters begin to take effect. It is being suggested that my brave mother-in-law who fought against the Nazis from within Germany and in exile in France between times should be enrolled among the "Righteous among Nations." Having written her memoir a year or two ago I can see why. She helped shelter and support a Jewish friend in Unoccopied France, rescuing him quite audaciously after his arrest at one point, and being a support strength and encouragement to her fellow prisoners in and from Ravensbrueck Concentration Camp. She was killed by allied bombing, alas, one of the ironies of war.

We shall see. Looking at the papers relating to the application, it is very moving for the family and an inspiration to them.

I suppose that brings my comments up to date.

My best wishes to all.