Monday, November 19, 2012

Women Bishops Debate - Lose/Lose?

Women Bishops Debate

Regardless of the outcome on November 20th, we seem to be in for a period of continued bickering over what to do next.

Those bigoted idots who manipulated the run up to the decision have much to answer for. The motion was put written in such a way as to guarantee a "Lose/Lose" situation.

For once the ejaculation "God help us" seems to be an absolutely necessary prayer as we move into the aftermath of 20th November.

Here the ordinariate is beckoning to the disaffected, "The Society" is rather slow moving as a refuge for the 25% - 30% of the membership in the pews. We need to forget the spouted " overwhelming majority" idea, and decide what to do for those in the pew. . The situation is that even such a substantial majority leaves a substantial minority in its wake.

Much is being made of the need to address the need to appeal to our secularised society. That is fair enough.

What better way to help and inform our secularised brothers and sisters than finding a way to accommodate thoughtful and sincere dissent. Failuire to do this in earlier centuries caused the break aways of the Free Churches, a weakening of our mission ability to the nation, and the continuing prevalence of broken communion.

"Bigoted idiots"? I shall stand by the description regardless of which side of the fence I may stand. I am not astride the fence  because a. it is electric, and b. it is topped with razor wire!

Best wishes to all!