Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Women Bishops - Not Yet - The Reason Why!

Shot in the Foot

Gras, Watch and the rest of them have a lot to answer for, including the defeat of their own cause.

Radical, intransigent, vocal, and "gimme-all" they have prevented the logical development of the ordination of women to the priesthood.

They need not blame the so-called "traditionalists." The latter put forward sensible arrangements which they refused. The suggestions of the archbishops were rejected with much rejoicing by the feminist lobby.


I cannot think why. I only know that they failed.

All that I realise is that if earlier suggestions, to cater for the one-third to a quarter of the membership in the pews which is uneasy about or opposed to women as bishops, had been accepted then we would have everything in place for women to be consecrated as bishops in our church.

Bluntly, GRAS, WATCH and all the rest of them have shot themselves in the foot, leaving the rest of us with the burden of finding a way through again.

The nation will take note. Unfortunately the chattering classes and the media of our nation will blame the wrong people. It was a small caucus of militants in favour of the measure who brought about its downfall. They over-stepped the mark ... and paid for it, having combined arrogance with hubris in large measure.

The phrase "see how these Christians love one another" can only be said with huge irony in the Church of England now. Maybe as aspirants to the bench of bishops, these ladies should consider why they chose not to follow the earlier advice of the archbishops under whom they serve .

Let's hope that they will realise this and get together with those whom they seem to despise so strongly and work out how we can all live and work in peace together once more. A little humble pie all round I think!

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