Saturday, October 24, 2009

Having your cake and eating it!

I am puzzled.

The Fif Assembly is revealing among some members an astonishing hypocrisy (= failure to judge one's own actions sufficiently).
Anglican clergy are busy welcoming the Pope's offer of an "ordinariate" and are rude about those who see this as not changing the rules one bit and prefer to follow their consciences and either stay as Anglicans or to convert to Rome under the present arrangements. If they are so keen to accept, why cannot they just "cross the Tiber" and get on with being Roman? After all they will have the pleasant experience when the ordinariate comes into being of guiding their former colleagues "home" as they see it.

I suspect hyposcrisy. They really want to carry on exactly as before, with their own buildings, liturgy and so forth. Yet if they truly believe that Rome is the way to go .. why don't they just get up and go? The offer is crystal clear: "If you come over to Rome you abrogate everything Anglican, including your orders and your previous service". The time has not yet come when we can be Roman and Anglican at the same time.

To stay is to continue in something that they believe to be untrue.

I do wish they wouldn't continue such blatant hypocrisy; it isn't nice!

Yours ay,

Fr Ted