Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ministry and Minster (No New Directions seen?)

I've been trawling the pages of "New Directions" in the hope of inspiration which seems short these days, especially in the CE.

A recent TV series on York Minister - in which I was ordained over forty years ago - was fascinating and jolly. However, despite the huge impact the Minister community makes (on the world as well as the Dioces of York) I had a curious feeling that they were detached and shielded from the reality all around them, a reality which poured through the Minster doors in regular large volumes. Maybe it was defensive. However, the issue which gave this thought was that of the ordination of women to the priesthood and to the episcopate. Whether for or against, neither the Minster staff as revealed in the sound bites, nor the BBC as revealed in the overall editing seemed to have a clue as to what the issues and problems were. What we got was meek acceptance of the status quo.

Maybe that was right in a Cathedral Church. Both myself and my present Vicar served in a Cathderal as junior clergy, at different times but the same Cathedral and under the same Provost for a time. It was right to present the Minster as providing facilities and hospitality for visiting individuals and groups. What a pity the acute learning and knoweldge of the staff there had to be left out and presented in such a bland, unchallenging, way!

More later, therefore! "New Directions" did have some good thoughts - as always - on the subject of the ministry and the priesthood.

Yours ay, Ted.