Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Role for The Medjugorje Centre

Moving On

When my wife died last year the full implications for the Camberley Medjugorje Centre didn't dawn on me for many months. I struggled on getting the newsletters out and posting them and doing myself all the administration and secretarial work she had undertaken for the Centre since its foundation in the mid-nineties.

It became clear, however, that the work involved on this side of the Centre's activities was difficult and time-consuming. I decided to curtail the work done through the postal services and to concentrate on the work now possible through the additional opportunities available on the Internet and by Internet publication rather than the direct mail approach implicit in the newsletters posted each month to the Centre's elite group and to the members of the Society of Our Lady of Medjugorje.

It is a new era and there is need to expand through the opportunities afforded on the Internet. In this respect I shall continue my side of our activities and will be using the additional time and energy available through this adjustment of the work to release extracts of much intense work over the last decade on a wide variety of spiritual and pastoral matters.

These articles and other new publications will be published over the Internet for the time being.

The last newsletters explain things a little more ...


"Dear Friends,

This will be the last of my newsletters relating to the messages from Medjugorje. The reasons are ones I could well do without: principally that I am getting rather old now and seem to be increasingly frail; secondly that Hannelore and I left there for the last time in October 1995. My contributions, therefore, may not reflect entirely accurately what is going on there, although using the internet has been a "God-send" to keep me in touch.

I would emphasis that my reasons are just those outlined above. I believe firmly that Medjugorje represents the best that there can be from a sound devotion to Our Lady - that essential element in a healthy Catholic life as described by the present Bishop of Mostar. The question as to whether the apparitions are from a supernatural source is a question for which I have an answer which is perhaps oversimplified - that the supernatural can only become apparent through natural means, otherwise - no need for an Incarnation. The rest I leave to the theologians and hope that they consider the fruits of it all.

I would thank everyone who has supported and helped with this venture over the past years. "Camberley Medjugorje Centre" has been an enterprise to which Hannelore and I have been devoted, but which has, I suspect become rather out-dated. "The Society of Our Lady of Medjugorje" is not, however, out-dated, nor is it mine to wind up. If any member wishes to take it over, please let me know, and I shall inform the members that this is so. However I must stand down from that as well.

So how do I finish? Simply by commending the basic teaching of Medjugorje to you all. This latest message reminds us of the centre of it all, as of all the Christian life. It implies also, I would suggest, regular attendance at Mass and reception of Holy Communion, along with the traditional devotions of our various churches. I close therefore with Our Lady's words rather than my own. It is "Good-bye" and "Thank you" to everyone who has kept this journey with us over the years. Do keep in touch as it would be nice to hear from you! Be assured that Our Lady will journey with us still and always.

Yours sincerely,

Ted Baty

(and October - only on the web)

"Our Lady came to Medjugorje out of God's for the Western Church and for the world it serves. Many have profited by them. Many having profited have fallen away, the victim of other cares, or of care-lessness, or of anti-Medjugorje propaganda and the misinformation these dreadful opponents keep shouting.

You can find a full exposition of it all in the monograph. This is available “online” through a special ebook explaining how Medjugorje deals with our problems and helps us achieve our true aspirations. To access the details of this -
Click HERE
"So "Keep the Faith"! Indeed that is, in a way, her whole message. It is to help us live the Catholic and Christian faith better and more fruitfully.

None of us can escape criticisms. St. Ignatius Loyola commented that there is n9-one who sees his/her own faults properly. We are blind to them. These monthly messages are a great aid in enabling us to manage the keep the faith. To that extent we can only aspire to love God completely "with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our mind, and with all our strength" as an Anglican exhortation at Holy Communion reminds the congregation, quoting both the Old Testament and the New (How's that!). Perhaps a few have done, and we call them saints.

The Bishop of Mostar - no great supporter of the Medjugorje Apostolate - comments that a healthy devotion to the BVM is a necessary part of Catholic life. We perhaps should heed his advice, whilst disagreeing with him, respectfully, over the nature of the apparitions.

The call to us to be "light and love" is a good one. It is a measure we can use in all our dealings: do we shed extra light on life or a problem for someone; are we acting from a fullness of heart and affection with the other's best interest at heart, which we call love, and which the Anglican marriage service explains as "the mutual society, help, and comfort" we all owe to each other?

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Until next time

Every blessing,

Fr. Ted