Saturday, March 26, 2005

Why not remember the souls He visited?

Today the Church rests in eager anticipation of the resurrection.

Yet Jesus did not rest as the Office of readings (Western Catholicism) explains.

Once he had died he went straight to the souls who had already died to visit them and tell them the Good News, perhaps to remind of the Good News they had had already and to claim their allegiance to Himself as the begetter of that Good News.

Ought not we to rejoice, that there is no time limit to Salvation, no boundary in time and space excluding sols from their Redemption?

Yes! We are "bought with a price." Let us rejoice that all souls have heard the Gospel whether in direct contact with Christ and His Church, the instrument of the Good News for the present, or not!
Let us pray that every soul will respond positevely to His offer of Safety from Sin and the attacks of Evil and Union with God wherever they may be, and for certain after we too have passed through the narrow gateway to Eternity!
How could anyone refuse?
Given that "all human behaviour however bizarre has a positive intention," we should conclude that every responds to theis mosy positive intention of all from the world's Creative power and Redemptive Instrument!