Thursday, July 19, 2007

Getting passionate

Hello all!

Fr. Dave, my colleague and mentor on all things internet-ish has called for us to as he asks:

"Tell us what you are passionate about. Share with us what you are struggling with. Motivate us, encourage us and call us to action."

A bit of a tall order really.

Passionate? I'm an Anglican - judging by the various Anglican websitesforums (fora?) in this country, we Anglicans don't get passionate about anything worthwhile, which is a pity, given that our new Scottish Protestant Prime Minister is insisting that we carry on as the Established Church in England. The Anglican fora are full of people making daft comments, and trying to be funny - fiddling while the country burns with indignation about everyone else as a way of covering over their degenerate and sinful lives!

What am I struggling with? Making ends meet, I suppose. I guess that I'm one of those pensioners whose pension is supposedly decent, but just seems to cover. So I am a little passionate about pensioers in general, and very passionate about poor families and the appalling blindness of the powers that be towards "failing families and the causes of family failure." The Church has a message about that which is stringent, powerful, and probably politically incorrect, indeed possibly illegal in today's world of sneakiness and backbiting. It's about love and forgiving your enemies!

What else am I struggling with? Of course my wife's death late last year. It is a struggle. However she has gone, gone ahead, and there is work to do, a lot of it in her memory. I struggle with sorting out what is difficult because I cannot let go, and at the same time don't want to be reminded, from what is essential and a continuing ministry to others.

One more factor I find difficult and struggle with. When circumstances force an interruption in marketing work, there is no let up - the charges and internet fees are still paid and so on. A good opening is there: providing for those who have to take time out and for those taking holidays and so on. I know that the gurus all say "Wait until your downline or the automatic systems support you." That is, I regret to say, an ideal felt by very few as we slog our way forward, hour by hour and day by day. Can we build this into a service to others? Maybe there is a big, big, market out there for it! I can think of one or two systems which come near it, but not quite.

Encourage and motivate us? May be there is somthing above which can motivate. In the meantime - just look around and see what is going on in a world, perhaps, only just perhaps, waking up to the results of its self-glorification and greed, and in desperate need of a faith to guide it.

I guess that's about it but here are two good sites for motivation:

Fr. Dave's forum:

Try the link! It's full of "goodies."

Till next time, then.


Fr Ted

PS: Try the link!