Monday, July 25, 2005

Why tradition is important, but not as a dead-weight

Getting rid of unnecessary information

Someone said recently that our information age is so constipated with new ideas, new facts, new reports, new studies, new books, new news, that we can’t possibly retain yesterday’s news.

That’s a costly mistake. When we forget the tried and true methods, we are forced to relearn them through trial and error (usually a lot of the latter).

What is the remedy? Not a purge, surely? Too much might be lost. No, the answer is to ensure a healthy diet taking in only the information which nourishes us and builds us up. Nutrition requires a balance of good fibre to cleanse the system, protein - muscle - to build us up, plus vegetables and fruit to provide growth and keep systems in order, and provide us with the produce of humankind's toil. If we take in only the information equivalents we shall inbibe and digest new discoveries and insights So we shall provide ourselves with all the mental equivalent of all that good foo, vitamins and minerals we need to maintain ourselves in a healthy and vibrant state.