Friday, July 22, 2011

Novels on track

The last month has been busy rewriting completely the first of a series of books on a common theme, the Church of England as I see it, and experienced it.

They are in fictional form in an imaginary diocese somewhere in the South of England.

In a way they are my response to Susan Howatch's "Starbridge" series. However, they seem to be more Barchester or P.G. Wodehouse than anything else. My Bishop, an ex Regius Professor at Cambridge wanted me to allow him to put my name forward for the Starbridge Lecturership, so I feel I may have a duty to follow this exercise of writing historical novels instead. I withdrew my name as I was unable to afford the time away from the parish and other duties. The post went to the Bishop's other nominee, someone whose work I admire and who would probably have been appointed anyway.

In time these drafts will be finished and I hope published. As for now, enjoy the website dealing with the area.

God be with you all!

Nevertheless it is an attempt to outline what life was like in the Church of England at the various times depicted.

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