Saturday, July 21, 2007

Getting Changed

Hello again,

Every month I send a newsletter to some sixty or so fellow-Christians. In it I have a brief look at life in the light of the events at Medjugorje, one of the great growth points of Catholic life in particular and Christian outreach in general.

This last newsletter went out yesterday, so I post here for the benefit of anyone interested:

Fr Ted’s Newsletter/The Society of Our Lady of Medjugorje Newsletter
June 2007

Changed Lives

When my brother asked me recently why I was so keen on Medjugorje, I was slightly puzzled as to what brief reply to give. Very simply, I said "Changed lives" I went on to explain that I had seen so many people make a complete turn round in their lives as a result of a visit there. The technical term we use for a changed life is "conversion," a turning towards God with Jesus, an awareness of the place Jesus should have in our lives as he reveals the fullness of God to us, and aware, too, of our own inadequacy and need of help.

Mary had a crucial part in making this possible, firstly in obedience bearing the "God-child" and then with Joseph bringing him up to a normal first century Jewish human being. It is this experience she brings to us at Medjugorje. We should look carefully, therefore, at how this is constructed and put together. At Medjugorje the driving force is devotion to Jesus through the Virgin Mary and her life and her continued influence. This month her message includes the phrases “convert the whole world and call it to salvation.” In a way this brings into perspective the state of the world and the appalling disasters faced by so many through climate change, wars, poverty and disease.

Strikingly this month’s message suggests that the key to all this lies in the method of down to earth spirituality to be found in Medjugorje. Not everyone finds it. Our lives are too conditioned to look for things we can criticise such as the tat on sale in the shops, the outlandish enthusiasm of some pilgrims. In that mood, we miss the point. The core of Medjugorje is to be found only in prayer, preferably undertaken somewhere quiet on the hills or at the back of the church during one of the smaller services, and in the confessional.

I write on the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (16th July). The prophet Elijah found God only in the wilderness, a desert place, and a still, small, voice. The Carmelite movement finds much of its major inspiration in Elijah and Mary. They too seek the voice of God in the quiet of the soul. So should we if we are following the precepts taught in Medjugorje. So let’s all find such a spot and open up to God, ask Him to change our point of view, to turn us, to convert us again and above all to allow us to see this world through the eyes of Jesus. It is an occupation worth while, and which Mary seeks to enable in us at Medjugorje and through the Apostolate there as it spreads throughout the world. Only then will we begin to recognise the true nature of the sacrifices and prayers which pilgrims learn to make in Medjugorje and for which Our Lady thanks us this month.

Every Blessing

Ted Baty"

The newsletter is published jointly by Camberley Medjugorje Centre, 25 Martindale Avenue, Heatherside, Camberley, Surrey. UK. GU15 1BB. Telephone: 01276 500357 E-mail:, and The Society of Our Lady of Medjugorje (same address and details),
The Reverend Doctor Edward Baty, IMM, Director CMC, Secretary SOLOM.

The newsletter is a reflection of the import of the latest message from Our Lady as reported by the visionaries from Medjugorje. The June message to which this newsletter refers ran as follows:

On 25th June 2007

"Dear children!

Also today, with great joy in my heart, I call you to conversion. Little children, do not forget that you are all important in this great plan, which God leads through Medjugorje. God desires to convert the entire world and to call it to salvation and to the way towards Himself, who is the beginning and the end of every being.

In a special way, little children, from the depth of my heart, I call you all to open yourselves to this great grace that God gives you through my presence here. I desire to thank each of you for the sacrifices and prayers. I am with you and I bless you all.

Thank you for having responded to my call."
If anyone would like more information about Medjugorje, I can supply it. Just let me know what you wish to have.