Tuesday, June 19, 2012

St. Matilda's has moved!

Hello Everyone,

A fresh post to bring you up to date on things in Camberley, England, or rather my little corner of it.

Having begun to get back on track after the various visitations of the builders and their colleagues, I am heavily into decluttering the place. There are at least four generations of photographs, birthday cards, and letters to get through for a start! Books come an go. Ornaments are discreetly offered to the charity shops along with clothing.  Our local council has begun to collect small electrical items for free which is a relief.

Doing this I learned a lesson – decluttering applies to the whole of your life! It applies everywhere – body, mind, spirit, emotions, finances, and the social round. So far as the body was concerned I had an emergency admission to the hospital and was given x-rays, blood tests, injections, drips and a couple of blankets before they sent me home at 4 o’clock in the morning. As if that was not sufficient, I celebrated the Queen’s jubilee by going down with some sort of summer flu! More decluttering followed through a course of antibiotics to stave off any impending pneumonia. So much clearer in that department.

Next up is the spiritual area. I have got a little fed up with Bishops who don’t bother to reply to letters. So to order things better and do some decluttering on the mental (writing) area, all has been placed under the good offices of St. Matilda’s.

Most people in this area of web intentions have “virtual churches.” St. Matilda’s has no such aspiration It remains utterly fictional, although, I hope, remaining highly virtuous.

To sample the new look with its incisive comment, outrageous statements, good fun, and a summary of those publications likely to be available online soon, all you have to do is go to the updated website: http://st-matildas.tripod.com

Be warned the scenario has moved from the Thames area where it all started to the previously unknown estuary somewhere on the South Coast of England. Here it fits cheerfully into the “Ad Templum” series of novels and short pieces.

For the full list of publications click on the “Publications” part of the navigation bar and get straight through. A straight link is to be had here (click)

There is much more. You can meet a variety of extra-ordinary Anglicans and others apart from Fr. Raphael and his gang listed on the website. Fr. Stan de Ferme leads his Ordinariate group with much aplomb. The advocates of women bishops and those who demur therefrom engage in pleasant banter and discourse. Unlike their representatives in General Synod familiarity breeds mutual respect and affection rather than contempt, the watchword of so many sub groups in our ruling body.

It is all the fun of the fair, in an agreeable corner of England’s green and pleasant land.

Why not take a look?

All being well, I shall treat this as if it was a parish magazine with monthly updates as well as keeping in touch with you all through the blogs and the Fighting Fathers website.

Every blessing to you all,

Yours ay,

Fr. Ted.