Saturday, February 21, 2009

Help with the Pastoral Needs of the Flock

Hi everyone,

A couple more sites for our consideration.

First that of "The Light Beyond." This has a selection of helpful literature on it such as the compendium "Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep. There is a FREE GIFT of two useful books when you order, "Bereavement for Beginners" and extracts from the C.S. Lewis classic "A Grief Observed." This package is a good addition to any pastor's library, whether for self use or lending to pastoral helpers, or to the bereaved and those around them.

The title of the first is from a very popular poem I have banned from use anywhere near me! The concept of the dead being in "the next room" has an ambiguity about it which seems flawed theologically and tends to frighten young children! However there is much else to be recommended.

If you have a copy of this alongside the provision in the Church of England's "Common Worship - Pastoral Services" (Church House Publishing, 2000) you will have everything you need to plan your funerals to suit just about everyone!

The second is about anxiety problems, "Panic Away - End Anxiety and Panic Attacks," with sensible advice similar to that we used to dispense through the NHS in Cambridgeshire.

As usual, just click on the name to get the appropriate website up on screen.

Yours ay,

Ted Baty