Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Let's get on with it again!


"Dear children!

With great joy in my heart I thank you for all the prayers that, in these days, you offered for my intentions.

Know, little children, that you will not regret it, neither you nor your children. God will reward you with great graces and you will merit eternal life.

I am near you and thank all those who, through these years, have accepted my messages, have poured them into their life and decided for holiness and peace.

Thank you for having responded to my call."

JUNE 2006
(25th Anniversary)

The First Priority
It is clear that in Medjugorje prayer is the first priority in any kind of apostolate or fresh way of living the Christian life or rekindling it. There are those who feel that prayer is a waste of time, time better spent doing good works or raising funds for charity or tending to the sick, the poor, the needy, and the lonely.

Well, maybe there is a point in such a view, but it is in no way a good point to be making. Those who have spent a lot of time trying to carry out good works, or do some fund-raising, and even more those who have spent this time among the sick, the poor, the needy, and the lonely, know full well that time spent in prayer is not only useful but the only way that they can continue on through what is often frustrating and tedious and repetitious, seemingly unrewarding, activities. We need to take in food for thought and the spirit through prayer, just as much as we need to take in through our lungs and stomachs fresh air, oxygen, and food for the body.

Twenty five years of sound instruction!

The critics of the messages say that they are trite and repetitious. I have dealt with this point at length in the new revised monograph for Anglicans, now re-named “Problems and Desires” after the words in the Medjugorje Hymn. I simply repeat the story of a parish priest who was stopped by a very annoyed parishioner who told him in a very critical tone “You’ve preached the same sermon for the last six months!” “Yes,” replied the cleric, “And when you’ve done what I asked, I’ll preach another one.” Much the same has applied at Medjugorje. Our Lady tells her children what is for their good, and is not afraid to keep on at us when we fail. Good parenting!
Fortunately she manages to do it lovingly and in a way we can accept.

This month’s message then is a “Mega Thank You” to all those who have tried and kept on trying to live and develop their lives along the paths of Peace and Prayer, Penance and Fasting, and a Firm Faith in Jesus’ work for us. So have a look at your life. See where she has helped you. Have a look in the nooks and crannies you are hiding from her, and bring what you haven’t done out in the open where you can do something about it, with the help of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, plus that of Mary and other Christians.

An Anglican Pilgrimage

Natasha Pack is organising an Anglo-Catholic Pilgrimage to Medjugorje in May next year. She invites all Anglicans, especially priests and readers of “New Directions” to join her, and to accept Our Lady’s invitation in this 25th Anniversary year! Contact Mrs Pack direct at 0207 794 6566.

Every Blessing

Ted Baty

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Looking Around
This last six weeks has contained a tremendous series of events, large and small.

The Middle East has erupted as Israel and Hizbollah try to knock umpteen bells out of each other. As in every other war - especially since we invented more destructive weapons, it's the civilians that are getting hit"

In the Churches I love, the American Anglicans have elected a lady as Presiding Bishop. their equivalent of Archbishop or Metropolitan. Being a lady is bad enough for most traditionalists. What seems to be getting up rather more noses is the fact of her extreme inexperience for the job - not long ordained, has only 35 parishes in her Diocese, and only a handful of members in those those churches. Still they seemed very keen on her, so perhaps she does stand some sort of chance!

The Anglicans in Englands have decided to go for women Bishops. Let's hope it doesn't split the church too radically, if at all. The centre party of liberals and secularist clergy has power but little else - the cash and the people are in wings which might decide to leave. Let's keep it together chaps.

Greatest of all. It's been the 25th Anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje. This should be the biggest Church event of all. Sadly it isn't, but I've done my best by placing it all first in the blog. A colleague told me that one of the Orthodox Bishops in England is very supportive of the events there. I just wonder what his Serbian Orthodox colleagues would have to say about that!

Domestically, my wife broke her arm which has meant extra domestic duties for your truly. I love cooking, and brushing carpets, after that the enthusiasm declines! So from a more domestic than usual carer:

Till next time,

Yours ay,

Ted Baty