Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Informing the Masses

Excuse the pun everybody. Masses (i.e. Catholic Eucharists) need to be informative. For me they form the basis of my personal freedom.

At Mass I'm taken back to the source (God) in a structured way which is safe and informed, and allows me the freedom to explore what I find in that source.

Informing the Masses through a blog means to me:
  • that I've a message to tell; that people need support and help;
  • reminding them and myself that we are all human and make mistakes;
  • encouraging people to post their comments; encouraging them to take some kind of action (so far the responses I've had are to buy some wood or trees, and to join a betting syndicate);
  • opening ourselves to a friendly and respectful interchange of ideas, a dialogue.

    The primary dialogue is between ourselves and God. However, in front of that dialogue and trying to block parts of it lies another, our dialogue with ourselves. One essential element in the development of our prayer life is the steady unblocking of the dialogue with ourselves so that we let God in. Once this is begun, God begins to dialogue with more and more parts of ourselves.

The only way that is going to happen is if I sit down and listen.

Because that is so important I've taken the step of suggesting a great website that is nothing to do with me and my ministry except that I value their fellowship amongst the vast company of believers.

Here it is:


If the website doesn't display, then copy it and paste into the address panel of your internet access. Visit it and enjoy the peace and quiet!