Tuesday, May 17, 2011

St. Matildas goes forward

The "virtual" parish of St. Matilda's has been online for some years. It represents my view, or version, of the Church of England as it is today along with concomitant matters.

The parish was never in much doubt about the ordinariate, roughly half wishing to move, including their parish priest, and the other half wishing to stay within the Church of England.

At St. Matilda's Anglican comprehensive had ruled for many years. It was no surprise, therefore, when the congregation agreed not simply to divide into Ordinariate style Anglicans and continuing Anglicans but to demand, fairly forcibly, that those in the new ordinariate community should be allowed to use the parish church for their weekly Mass and, by agreement with the PCC, other services and gatherings.

Such harmony seemed unheard of and causes many mutterings among canon lawyers, and senior clergy. However the way ahead looks clear and may provide an example of how the two great communions and their respective partners can work together for the benefit of all.

"St. Matilda's" can be seen at its website (and only site in reality!): http://st-matildas.tripod.com/ As at St. Matilda's itself, visitors are always welcome!

Developments will be kept in mind and I look forward to many new postings on the St. Matilda's website.