Monday, February 16, 2009

Simple Help

Hello again!

So I've not been busy! This month's spell of bad weather proved even worse than the last lot around New Year. The result is that I'm pretty well confined to the house. However I can be of help through the Internet and I've started to look around to see what I can can do online.

So I have been examining websites and programmes that it would be good to use. There are a great many, too many for me to look at personally

For those of you out there who would like help in the areas of Finance (= Debt for those really in trouble!), Family History, Self-Help, Spiritual Renewal, or my own specialities of Architecture, Marian Theology and Psychotherapy and Counselling alongside the usual Pastoral Care matters, I shall be posting some details for the future.

The ways will be simple, inexpensive, free in many cases, an easy to access. What I suggest is that we all look around and examine together what's on offer and exchange views.

If you are interested - I've covered most people's anxieties - let me know

Yours ay,

Ted Baty

PS For a Taster - try a site about Pilgrimages and Marian Theology, click now - or for its dedicated section on Fund Raising click here!

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