Saturday, October 29, 2011

Autumn Leaves and Lost causes

Dear friends,

Today we put our clocks back - or rather not today but just after mid-night tomorrow! Soon the big changeover to winter duvet and thick pyjamas will take place along with the usual dry cleaning of things and clothing left needing a good clean by the summer's activities. So I shall enjoy the extra hour in bed!

I noted an unreported irony in the reopening of St. Paul's Cathedral on the Feast of SS Simon and Jude, those apostles whose activities are almost unknown. St. Jude is the Patron of lost causes. I can hardly think of a more appropriate day for the reopening but am not sure whether the Dean and Chapter or the protesters will take it to heart. After all, as someone pointed out in my newspaper this morning, St. Paul was a tent maker.

So winter approaches. The great Halloween fest-park will take place on our recreation ground. This enterprise between assorted fair ground attractions, our Community Committee, the local Police and the Public House, has been popular and allowed fun to take place in a concentrated fashion in previous years so that it is all in one place (more or less) and the locals are less bothered.

Let's hope this year is the same.

The house is beginning to look its part, tidier, new carpets due in the next weeks, and so forth.
It may seem depressing but isn't. My late wife used to comment that "We humans need to hibernate a bit, too." So I am really getting ready to snuggle into the warmth of the home and enjoy pleasant, domestic, activities.

Assuming my computer does not run out of space, I shall be updating lots of things. I am not taking part in Chris Baty's "National Novel Writing Month" this year. There are too many novels unfinished or awaiting editing and revision for starting anything new. However I wish all participants good fun and good creative experiences!

Here we have had glorious autumnal colours in the woods and heathland which is so enjoyable. New England? Why not try West Surrey from mid-September to mid-November? Just as good! The last few days have needed a scarf and a blouson, but the imagery around is still the same and beautiful!

More soon,

Ted Baty

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