Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Novels continue


The experience of writing a novel the Chris Baty way was exhilarating and an enjoyable process overall, with a resulting offering for the reading public that might be low-grade, but held together well.

Much more difficult is the process of bringing up to date or finishing books which began to be written some time ago - e.g. ten years or more, in the normal manner. These seem prolix in the extreme at times. Some of them are two computers old. They exist not only on the present computer but on hard copy from two previous computers now defunct, wiped clean, and probably crushed. Maybe on some distant tropical, third country beach someone is cheerfully readin the bottom most section of a hard drive and enjoying what they find. More likely is that they were taken to pieces and recycled.

However I hope that the rewrites will be done fairly soon and available for whoever wants to read them.

In the meantime, please look at for the context of this series.

Best wishes all round.

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