Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Pause on Sunday

It is a few days since I promised to post my views on articles and letters which have appeared in "New Directions" (the Forward in Faith monthly journal) which seemed to indicate some radical "new directions" indeed.

Part of me is puzzled by the serious way in which writers on feminism - such as Helen Luke or Daphne Hampson, and Professors Reuther and Heine - treat gender matters with some respect along with the psychology behind them, in contrast to the various propagandists who fill the pages and comments issuing from GRAS, WATCH and the like. This low level of academic expertise is astonishing in a church which has prided itself on the quality of its theology and has a stupendously erudite Archbishop at its head. Sadly General Synod seems to have been affected. Hence the attempt by low level academicians such as myself to fill the gap which should have closed by our academic betters.

Domestic duties have taken over with journeys back and forth to various medical facilities and the general haphazardous of the life of a part-time carer. Actually I'm full-time but the duties are spread through the day on a random basis.

Tired but happily "caring", I hope to get my newsletter out to the Medjugorje groups and onto the websites during the week as well as contributing a view from the flock at the grass-roots on the subject of gender and what kind of shepherding the Church flock need!

Till then (then)!